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Call of the Snowfields | COCKTAIL RECIPE

by Saara

So you are visiting Lapland and holding a bottle of cloudberry liqueur. Or you visited Lapland five years ago and forgot that you have a half of a bottle of cloudberry sweetness sitting in the bar. Or someone visited the Nordics and brought you a bottle of cloudberry liqueur as a souvenir. And you have no idea what to do with it so you found your way here.

Worry no more, I’ve got a recipe for you. Call of the Snowfields (Lumikenttien kutsu) is a dessert cocktail dating back to 1977. This dreamy digestif was created by Saimi Penttilä for a cocktail competition, and it has been delighting artic fans for decades.

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Drink your dessert the Arctic way

This retro cocktail feels like light snow in the sunny spring slopes.

First, your nose detects the power of nutmeg. But when you take a sip, the sunshine starts to dance in your mouth. The aftertaste brings you the perfect marriage of creamy softness and fruity tartness.

Call of the Snowfields is fresh and creamy at the same time. It is not overly sweet and truly warms up your soul. I think it’s a great alternative for the winter season next to heavy chocolate liqueur and coffee-based dessert cocktails.

Call of the Snowfields – How to?

Call of the Snowfields is a decadent dessert drink that does not require any gimmicks. Measure ingredients carefully and shake well with patience. Plus, this is an easy recipe to remember: every ingredient is the same amount.

Originally this dessert drink is served from a martini glass, but I took the freedom to enjoy this from a champagne saucer. You can get these Ripple Champagne Saucer in a set of 2* from Amazon, too.

lumikenttien kutsu

Call of the Snowfields | Lumikenttien kutsu

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Makes/Serves: 1
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat


2cl cloudberry liqueur

2cl Parfait d'Amour liqueur

2cl cream

2cl pineapple juice

grated nutmeg

ice cubes


Fill the shaker half full with ice cubes and then measure all ingredients into the shaker. Close the lid and hold the shaker with both hands (each hand securing one end piece). Shake vigorously over your shoulder. 30 seconds should be enough for the cream to mix. Don't stop until the shaker frosts up on the outside.

Strain the cocktail into a martini glass and decorate the drink with a touch of nutmeg.

Serve without ice.

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What about mocktail?

I’ve never come across a mocktail version of this arctic dessert drink. If you make one, please let me know. But writing this as we speak makes me ponder about the ways to combine these amazing flavors also in baking.

Imagine the honey-like and fruity notes of cloudberry liqueur and hints of rose petals, vanilla, and almonds from the Parfait Amour. Then, pineapple juice and cream. I don’t know how the original creator of the drink Saimi came up with all these flavors but they truly compliment each other so well.

Kippis! Cheers! Sante! Kanpai! Skål!

I wish you a happy winter holiday!

Love, Saara

P.S. More cloudberry liqueur recipes here.

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