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Carrot Bread Rolls from Juice Pulp

by Saara

Only few days of September left and Autumn has officially started. This also means a final countdown in the garden where frosty nights are getting closer and closer. As I mentioned on Instagram, this autumn I will be sharing one bread recipe once a week until December. Ten recipes in total & since I’m still on a harvest mood, the first recipe is carrot bread rolls!

Because I hate to waste food is one of the mantras in my kitchen and often times a starting point for a recipe. Like on this occasion when I was juicing Nantes carrots for a weekend boost. Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables during the season is a sweet treat but results in a lot of pointless pulp.

I find using juicing leftovers in soups the easiest but occasionally I toss them in baking too. This time I made carrot juicing pulp breadrolls instead of soup. I added some graham flour to taste and to soften the texture a bit more. If you are looking for some variety next to crunchy artesan breads, these are it as they are soft rolls in and out!

Carrot Pulp Bread Rolls 

Carrot rolls from juicing pulp

Carrot Bread Rolls from Juice Pulp

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Makes/Serves: 26-30 bread rolls
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat


  • 5 dl whole milk
  • 50 g fresh yeast
  • 2 dl graham flour
  • 1 ½ tsp sea salt
  • 4 dl carrot pulp
  • 1/2 dl brown sugar syrup
  • 1/2 dl vegetable oil e.g. canola oil
  • 10-12 dl wheat flour


Dissolve the yeast into two decilitres of lukewarm milk. Then stir in the graham flour until a smooth mixture. Let this "pre-dough" rest while you measure other ingredients & set the baking trays ready.

Add syrup, vegetable oil, carrot pulp and rest of the milk into the pre-dough, stir until integrated. Then start adding wheat flour one decilitre at a time whilst kneading (low speed 10 min).  Finally, add salt and continue kneading for 5 more minutes or so. Have a cup of coffee and let the dough rest under a cover for an hour in a warm spot. (I usually place the bowl in a COLD oven with only the light on, this gives enough warmth and supports the dough to rise.)

Set the oven to 225-degree Celcius (437F). On a lightly floured surface, divide the dough into two equal weight pieces and continue dividing until you have a nice group of rolls. Shape each roll with your palms into a round shape. Arrange the rolls on a baking tray with a parchment paper and cover the rolls with a kitchen towel. Let the rolls rise until double their size (30 min).

On the middle shelf of the oven, bake the rolls for 10 minutes until golden. Place the rolls on a cooling rack (do not cover).

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   TIPS! If you want more crust, spray water on top of the rolls just before baking. If you are looking for the softest bite, cover the rolls with a kitchen towel when cooling them off after baking. 

Carrot buns for the soup

My grandma would be so proud of me with my waste-free efforts and I bet yours would be too. Feel free to experiment with the base recipe with any kind leftover juice pulp or make it vegan with e.g. oat milk. It’s a very adaptive recipe in those terms. Do not underestimate the Graham flour, though. I think homemade bread is the cheapest luxury one can give one’s self.

Would love to hear your favourite way to use juicer leftovers!



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