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Golden Milk Sourdough

by Saara

This pumpkin-shaped Golden Milk Sourdough was a happy accident. Last fall when I found the foodie community on Instagram, I fell in love with the pumpkin-shaped loaves. Of course, I wanted to try this method too and last weekend I finally had my first attempt.

I used the recipe for carrot bread rolls as a base. I wanted to try the pumpkin shape on a soft loaf so I made the sourdough with milk and added extra camelina oil. I also wanted this special weekend loaf to be a bit sweet so I added dark syrup too. Finally, I wanted the loaf to have some fall feeling in addition to the shape so my plan was to add chai latte powder into the dough. Guess what, I reached the wrong jar from the pantry!

Sourdough with turmeric latte

Golden Milk Sourdough with turmeric latte mix

In stead fo chai latte, my dough ended up having Curcuma Latte Mix in it. I have Chikko’s Golden Milk mix which is organic and includes 63% turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper. Lots of flavors in this sourdough and in a good way! Warm recommendation to use turmeric in sourdough baking. Golden milk is an age-old healthy treat but never had I thought it would make sense in bread but it absolutely does.

Turmeric Sourdough

Golden Milk Sourdough

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Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat


245g milk

100g starter

240g wheat

60g einkorn

25g dark syrup

25 g camelina oil

1 generous teaspoon golden milk latte mix

8g salt


Mix levain in 225g milk (room temperature), add wheat flour and einkorn. Let the dough sit aside for 30 minutes while you mix together syrup, camelina oil and salt & 20g water. Add the mix into the dough and thoroughly make sure the ingredients are incorporated together. Let the dough rest again undercover for 30 minutes before first folding. Give the dough 3-4 sets of fold every 30 minutes. Let the dough rise in a warm spot a couple of hours until transferring it to the fridge overnight. Shape the bread into a boule in the morning, let it rise and bake in a dutch oven. 

Pre-heat oven 240 degrees Celcius with the dutch oven. Cut 4 strings beforehand and place them on top of the bread before turning it on a bread peel or a big flat plate with parchment paper. Don't be shy about the length of the strings. Turn the bread onto the peel and lace the strings across the bread. Don't tighten too much. Bake the bread in 240°C for 30 minutes, lower the temperature down to 200 after removing the lid. Bake until nice color. Knock the bottom of the bread to make sure it is ready. 

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As you can see from the photos, this bread has a really nice soft crumb. You don’t have to shape it as a boule nor make it pumpkin-shaped. You absolutely want to make this bread for its flavors!

Few notes on the recipe. I used organic camelina oil which is mild. Use whatever you have in your kitchen, rapeseed oil would be my second option for this. In the same manner, I had stoneground organic einkorn, feel free to substitute it with whatever wholegrain you have in use at the moment. And finally, there are so many brands in the Golden milk market and Chikko is just my choice. If you have turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper in your pantry, why not mix them by yourself.

Turmeric Sourdough

All in all, this was a fun experiment where chance played its tricks. I will definitely continue using turmeric in baking as well as try the pumpkin shape again with another type of dough.



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