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Guinness Buckwheat Sourdough for St. Patrick’s Day

by Saara

Happy late St. Patrick’s Day! I baked a Guinness Buckwheat Sourdough for the occasion and here’s the delicious recipe. Don’t wait another year to make it, it’s the perfect bread to enjoy any time of the year.

People say that beer and bread are the same thing but I’ve never really experienced it. I can’t stand beer, not then and not now. While I’m not able to drink beer, I do enjoy cooking and baking with it. And I also use hops in fermenting drinks. Isn’t that strange? Maybe I’m halfway there?

Nevertheless, this Guinness buckwheat loaf has been brewing in my mind for a few months and now was the perfect time to bake it. The crust is crunchy and rustic while the crumb is as soft as it gets. The best kind of crumb to dip in soup! This bread does not taste strong or extra bitter. It’s robust but full of nutty & sweet notes thanks to the triangle of Guinness, buckwheat & Graham flour.

I went for the flower scoring inspired by the shamrock pattern. Sadly, the bread had a little fender-bender with the dutch oven and the un-even oven spring is a result of that. But who cares, the intention is what matters. The shamrock symbolizes faith, hope, love & luck. I think we all need these to get through the tough times of COVID-19 isolation.

Guinness Buckwheat Sourdough recipe with stretch and fold method

How to bake bread with beer? A Guinness Sourdough Example

Just substitute beer for water in the dough! But don’t go all the way because as beer is carbonated, it will work as an extra leavening agent next to sourdough starter. You’re working with an active dough when making beer bread.

Guinness has chocolaty and coffee-like notes which give the loaf sweetness. It is strong and malted beer so substituting it with some other beer will not give the same flavors. As long as you choose a porter or a stout, I believe you’re all good.

Guinness Buckwheat Sourdough | Recipe

The hydration level (79%) is really nice to work with. The dough includes fine buckwheat flour and Graham flour for the nutty notes and combined with Guinness, your loaf will have a nice soft crumb. I recommend working this dough gently with stretch and fold method.

Guinness Bread Recipe

Guinness Buckwheat Sourdough

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Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat


200g Guinness (room temperature)

130g water

150g active starter

70g fine buckwheat flour

100g Graham flour

310g wheat flour

10g sea salt + 50g water


Mix starter first with water and then the beer. Add buckwheat flour and Graham flour, then let the dough rest for 10 minutes. While waiting, mix salt with 50g water. Add wheat flour into the dough in the 3-4 sets. Mix with a wooden spatula and then work with your hands. When all the flour is added, let the dough rest for 10 minutes. Then finally, add saltwater and mix it in carefully and thoroughly. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes.

Give the dough 3 sets of gentle stretch and folds every 40 minutes. Let the dough rise in room temperature for 2 hours and the shape the bread for overnight proof. 

In the morning, pre-heat oven 230°C / 446°F at least 45 minutes in advance. If you're using dutch-oven, don't forget to put it in the cold oven. Score the bread just before the bake. Bake 20 minutes under the lid. Then decrease the temperature to 200°C / 392°F for the last 30 minutes of the bake. The bread is ready when 98°C / 208°F.

Let the bread cool on a rack and then cover it in a kitchen towel. Wait until the next day before slicing a piece. Enjoy!


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Guinness beer gives the bread a soft crumb and sweet notes

Baking has always been my happy place and during this time of social isolation, I want to bake something extra special every week. I’ve also found so much inspiration in seeing everybody’s beautiful creations on Instagram. Thank you so much for sharing my recipes, it warms my soul. And thanks for creating a positive mood, sharing laughs and getting through this horrible challenge together.



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