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My First Banana Bread – Fannie Farmer Recipe

by Saara

Before this loaf that you see here, I had never eaten banana bread in my life. Hence, it follows that I had never baked banana bread. I did not know about the toffee-like scent that takes over the house when baking it and I was totally ignorant towards this open door that lets you make the most of your mushy & overripe bananas. And believe me, there has been a lot of banana waste in my history which I’m very ashamed of.

But now the mistake has been rectified! I do not have to turn myself into a banana person in order to be a banana bread person. In fact it’s quite the opposite – this delicious sweet bread is the perfect backdoor for people like me who buy bananas just in case but never feel the impulse to eat them as a snack.

Being lost in the Banana Bread World

As a first-timer, I researched quite a bit and got overwhelmed by the best, the BEST EVER, and the multitude of combinations and toppings for banana bread. So I wanted to simplify and went for the very basics by reaching out to Fannie Farmer and the 1940s The Boston Cooking School recipe. So here is what I baked.

Traditional Banana Bread | Recipe

Homemade banana bread

Banana Bread by Fannie Farmer

Before this loaf that you see here, I had never eaten banana bread in my life. Hence, it follows that I had never baked banana bread. I did not know about… Bread My Vintage Cooking European Print This
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat



3 ripe bananas

¾ cup of sugar

2 eggs

2 cups flour

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking soda

½ cup nut meats, chopped


Crush bananas with silver fork. Add eggs, beaten light, sugar, flour sifted with salt and soda, and nut meats. Bake 1 hour in moderately slow oven (325 F). Makes one loaf 5 x 9 inches.

What an easy and inviting recipe I have to say. And a silver fork!

I tried to envision the texture of the loaf and decided not to crush the bananas all the way to smooth.  For the nutmeats, I had pecans which I also chopped quite randomly.

When sifting the flour, I caught myself insecure because making banana bread feels like making a cake. But I trusted Fannie and played along adding more flour. I greased the bread pan and baked 1 hour in 160-degree Celcius.

I left the bread in the pan to cool off a bit before removing it to rest another 20 minutes on a cooling tray. This as almost an impossible task when the sweet floating aromas test your patience not to have a slice already!

But while waiting, I got this idea to try my usual carrot cake topping for banana bread as well.  This sweet spread comes quickly by combining cream cheese with powdered sugar and a little bit of butter. Finally, I added the rest of the pecan nuts to the cheese mix.

Traditional banana bread

The First Bite of Banana Bread

The first bite was amazing! I enjoyed a slice with the spread. I must admit that I was suspicious of all of this until the very end and I was not prepared how good it would be. I’ll repeat myself telling you that it t was AMAZING.

I think I’m on a beautiful banana bread journey now. And so is my husband whose first reaction to seeing bread baking in the oven really epitomes our starting point: “Ugh..” And the journey from ugh to yummy can sometimes be just one recipe away. We enjoyed banana bread in the morning and with coffee as well as an afternoon snack.

By the way, what’s your favorite moment of the week to have banana bread?

P.S. I was a bit nervous to share my oblivious attitude towards this American classic on Instagram but hey such things happen to other people too. If you don’t believe me, check the discussion yourself. 😀

Love, Saara

Get to know Fannie Farmer better. Here’s a great Smithsonian article about the original Rachel Ray.


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