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Spinach Soup from Autumn Garden

by Saara

Last but not least from the garden. Frosty nights are here and only a few vegetables can manage the end of the season –  carrots, some herbs, and New Zealand spinach. This creamy spinach soup recipe is delicious lunch serving four people.

There are many variations of this vegetarian soup & you can make it all vegan depending on the thickening you use. We traditionally enjoy this with boiled eggs and fresh bread. 

Because New Zealand spinach is a bit stronger than normal spinach, I like to use vegetable stock as the main base rather than making this 100 percent sweet milk-based soup as I do with Spring nettles.  I also sauté and puree an extra shallot into the stock to bring more notes.

Creamy Soup from New Zealand spinach

Creamy Spinach Soup | RECIPE

Serves 4 people

New Zealand Spinach

Creamy Spinach soup

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Makes/Serves: 4 Cooking time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat


  • 200 g fresh spinach
  • 1 shallot onion
  • 8 dl vegetable stock
  • 2 dl cream
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 5 white peppercorns crushed
  • corn starch for thickening


Wash the spinach leaves & blanch them in a small amount of boiling water for one minute. Refresh the leaves with cold water. Chop the leaves to the size of your liking.

Bring your stock to boil leaving out enough liquid to pureé the onion. Sauté one shallot in a separate pan & mix it with small amount stock with a hand mixer before adding it into the main stock. Prepare corn starch mix (I used roughly 3-4 tbs) with cold water and gradually stir the thickening into the hot stock until blended.

Finally, add the spinach leaves, cream & seasoning into the stock. Check the taste and serve the soup with boiled eggs & fresh bread.

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The Ultimate Comfort Food

Remembering my childhood, I think spinach soup was one of those rare meals that my mom brought from the store. Indeed, frozen instant soup to the kettle & getting them eggs boiling was the attitude.

Nowadays in our own adult kitchen of two, my husband sometimes drags those same spinach soups to our freezer. I find it really amusing but those frozen chunks have saved us many times when everyday life gets too hectic. Do you have this kind of habit in your kitchen? 

Cooking spinach soup from scratch with your homegrown vegetables is quite a different deal and different meal. And any soup is as good as the stock or broth it’s based on.

We enjoyed our lunch with a shared baguette which I quickly re-heated in the oven. Recipe for the traditional baguettes you can find here. Also, here’s a good post on what you need to optimize your homemade baguettes.

Hot creamy soup & warm bread – is there really any better? Did you try this recipe? Please share in the comments or tag me along on social media :)

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Spinach vs. New Zealand Spinach?

New Zealand spinach is not really ‘spinach’. It has similar taste and can be used in similar manner baring in mind it has stronger taste. Not STRONG, though.

I also find its biting texture thicker in comparison to normal spinach.  I like these two for different reasons & overall I value all veggies that can make the harvest season a bit longer. For years I’ve been growing both Matador spinach and NZ version because the latter can be harvested during fall as well.

Love, Saara

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