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Hi there, I’m Saara and My Vintage Cooking is my little corner to nourish some lifelong curiosities. If you also enjoy moody food photography, culinary history and vintage recipes, please do join me on Sundays for a new blog post. You can also sign up for the monthly newsletter to get the latest updates.

What you will find here?

I’m a Finnish photographer with Northern roots & hence it’s only natural that you can enjoy a variety of classic Finnish and Nordic food traditions here. The journey does not stop there, though. I bake and cook with seasonal mindset and travel quite a bit with food traditions around the world.

How I became to love food?

The love for local and delicious homemade food was instilled in me already in my childhood.  Wild berries, river fish and real rye bread are something I always miss when abroad. I’m an ambassador for seasonal eating and I love baking with rye. 


I value the connection food brings into my daily life. Cryptic handwritten recipes inspire me and stained cookbooks reveal the most trustworthy desserts loved by generations. I love the stories and memories people share with their recipes. Family. Generations. History. Friends. And nature. Being connected to food encompasses so many streams of my life from the early found obsession to stillleben to my current quest to have a wiser green thumb in our country home.


My Vintage Cooking Blog

And remember those morning cooking shows in the 90s? I used to play a chef as a kid and I run a pancake show in my childhood home. This clever play was often an excuse to have a sweet feast but in retrospect I can say that having freedom in the kitchen from a young age built confidence. Since then I’ve taken on countless gastronomic adventures. Considering the states of my wardrobe & my reputation with a sweet tooth, I have not changed much but that’s okay I guess!

Besides all things photography and food, I’m happiest exploring outdoors with my husband. He has taught me how to forage mushrooms and cook meals in the wilderness. It is a blessing to have a shared passion for flavors with your other half but also a mutual understanding of the hard work that it involves achieving them. We have a solid deal – I clean the berries & he takes care of the mushroom basket.

About photography

Photography is my medium and here you’ll see me work with natural light only. Understanding the Northern latitudes, we sometimes have more of light (beautiful summers) and sometimes less (oh so long winters) but for me the most inspiring time to shoot is most often between these.


With food and still life I’m in the Sony family. I often get whimsical with vintage lenses and I also love working with film. If you have any questions or ideas, I’m happy to hear more. Should want to book me to your project, please contact me at hello [at] myvintagecooking.com

Thanks for stopping by! 

Love,  Saara

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