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By using myvintagecooking.com (referred as the Site) and its content created by the Owner, you agree to these terms.

All content within the My Vintage Cooking site is created and shared for informational and entertainment purposes only. The Owner adapts recipes, explores culture, traditions and history. The reader is referred to the source of inspiration and other creators whenever possible to learn more upon the subject.

All photos shared within myvintagecooking.com are created by the Owner unless otherwise stated. All photos are copyrighted and their use outside the Site is not allowed. If you want to promote my recipe or blog by sharing one of the photos and linking to its original content, please contact the Owner at hello (at) myvintagecooking.com. Sharing or using a photographs without a permission is not allowed. Posting a recipe outside the Site is not allowed.

Nutrition Disclaimer

The Owner nor the authors of the Site are not certified as nutritionists, dieticians, or professional chefs. My Vintage Cooking only occasionally refers to the nutrition information of the ingredients or recipes because the primary approach of the Site is culture and enjoyment of food.

My Vintage Cooking trusts the visitors and readers to recognise their food sensitivities, allergies, or medical limitations when getting to know a recipe. Readers can draw inspiration and adapt a food tradition to their own needs. Following the recipes and adapting the information provided on the Site is at the reader’s own responsibility. The Owner does not offer any dietary or nutritional consulting or give medical health advice.

Affiliate commissions, Sponsorships, Ads

This Site uses affiliate links. The affiliate products and brands are chosen and referred to with integrity. My Vintage Cooking website only refers to products and brands that are found to be useful and believed to bring value also to you.

An affiliate link means that the Owner of this Site receives a commission if you purchase through the links provided at no extra cost to you. For example, a visitor will find a curated selection of recommended products with an affiliated link to Amazon.com or another online store. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

Affiliate links are always disclosed transparently within the content. A disclosure is given at the beginning of every page or a blog post where an affiliate link is included. Furthermore, the affiliate link texts are marked with sign * within the link to let the reader know that this is an affiliate link. All of the experiences, views, and thoughts shared on this Site are unbiased. The Owner does not hold liability for products or services recommended on the Site.

Sponsored posts are transparent by both by naming the sponsor in the text of the post as well as bytagging the post with our ‘sponsored‘ tag. Sponsored post is a when a company pays the Owner to write and create visual content regarding a certain product or a theme. Sponsors are carefully chosen and to reflect the values of the Owner and the Site. All of the experiences, views, and thoughts shared on this Site are unbiased.

When using myvintagecooking.com site, you may come across commercial ads by Google Ads. This Site accepts commissions from Goodle Ads.

My Vintage Cooking does not accept or review free product samples.

Please note that the views and opinions expressed on the Site belong solely to the original authors of those opinions. User comments can’t be attributed to the Owner of the blog. Views expressed in comments do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the site Owner.

Commissions and money earned through content at myvintagecooking.com keeps the site free of charge for the readers. Thank you for your support.


My Vintage Cooking is an entrepreneur-owned food media created for informational and entertainment purposes. The Owner does not offer any dietary consulting, nutritional advice or medical advice as stated above.

The Owner is not responsible for direct, indirect, or consequential damages arising from the access, use, or inability to use this Site or any third-party website. The owner cannot be held responsible for problems arising from using the Site, for any incomplete, inaccurate or false information on the Site.

The Owner cannot warrant that the information provided is accurate, current, complete, reliable, or without errors. The content of the Site is managed and possible errors and inaccuracies are evaluated upon notice. The Owner cannot assure that any particular outcome will be achieved when following a recipe or applying information provided on this Site. By posting a question in the comments, you can share your issue or feedback.

The Owner is not responsible for damages arising from technical issues or the blog being temporarily unavailable.

The third-party links are carefully chosen but the Owner is not responsible and does not have control over that content or its use. The Owner operates the Site securely, as smoothly as possible and the content is managed.


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